All military operations need leadership…the spiritual life is no different.

Endurance, commitment, courage, honor and integrity, self sacrifice

Dokemos (adj) Greek term for approved and accepted, tried or tested, pointing to integrity

This term was used in the ancient world to point out men of character who were money-changers.

1Cor 11:18-19 says there must be divisions and factions among you…so that those that are genuine may be recognized.

God designs and assigns your Military Occupational Specialty

MAT 7:2 For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.

God prefers the weak to confound the wise…God looks for dedication and what lies within the heart

Gideon even during bad times with an Unbelieving family was a dedicated Believer

From very early on we can see dedication, commitment & endurance

Soldiers that didnt complain of poor conditions or

get weary quickly s followers the choice to run or fight.

Soldiers that had dedication enough to not look away even during a lull in the action

Soldiers that were serious about following leadership into battle


Any form of corruption be it weakness, addiction, anger, fear, arrogance or pride, it all stems from the Old Man.

The Lord knows are weakness and fears, He never expects flawless service but does expect faithful dedication.


God plants seeds of success in our gardens long before we know we even want a crop.

Takah, Hebrew verb meaning blast or severe strike, it has a violent connotation to its definition.

God chose Gideon from among the weak and poor.

God allowed thousands of Gideon

God simply led the 300 to water and examined their hearts.

God gave Gideon assurance and strength along the way.


God brought the victory to fruition without raising a sword.

Tselul = round cake of barley common among the poor farmers.

With only 300 good men it still would be a battle left up to faith rather than the flesh!

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