Guest Speaker: Rick Bettez
May 10, 2013

It’s just that the Permissive will means you brought your own game plan to use instead of God’s.
Real Soldiers stand their post even when the heat of battle is upon them.

Goliath was about 10ft tall, his combat vest weighed 125lbs, his spear was like a fence post with a 15lbs spear head on the tip.

The army of Israel is looking at a situation that appears to be totally hopeless.

King Saul’s faith was so weak that he stayed in fear behind his troops.

Notice David arose early and did not abandon his job.

David is saying who is this unbeliever to challenge God’s chosen ones?

Anger mixed with arrogance always needs a target.

Fear either is an all-consuming fire or it is a faded after thought, depending on your faith.

Fear cripples your courage… it freezes you in one place and robs you of greatness.

David grab the bear by the jaw (zaqan) and beat it to death (nakah)

In fact we never see David attack authority which is a good sign of a future leader.

David’s respect for authority is only trumped by his respect for God.

David respected authority even as it failed right in front of him.

David was being trained by God with all the duties of his busy day to day life demanded.

Strong faith cannot be faked in the face of true adversity.

David was insulted that Goliath challenged God…the other men were into self preservation.

David shed the cosmic viewpoint and went with the tools God had given him.

This was God’s man with God’s weapons & God’s training stepping to the front line.

Bazah is the Hebrew verb for disdain, to despise or regard with contempt, to view as worthless or to be seen as vile.

Goliath was relying upon human power, worldly devices and was very confident in this.

1Cor 2:14 But a natural (psychikos) man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him;

Sword, spear and javelin represented weapons made by human hands.

David a foreshadowing of TLJC would not allow one sheep to be snatched from him.

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