Grace Bible Church
Deacon Rick Bettez
Friday, May 31, 2013

Canaan would actually represent Super-grace Blessing for the Exodus generation.

In most levels of spiritual growth after salvation, capacity proceeds blessing.

Moses represented the law, the law is about revealing that man cannot enter into the rest of God on his own merits.

The Lord speaks to Joshua, No man will be able to stand before you, just as I was with Moses I am with you!


JOS 1:8 do not depart from the written word is now a serious command. Meditate on it, live by it. BD in written form is now the order for the Christian Soldier.


The Ark of the Covenant is showing the Lord going before His people, Joshua 3:11.

The Lord comes through for the faithful man, because the faithful man never questions the Lord.

JOS 4:24 is not only a reminder to establish courage but a lesson not to question the Lord, there is a reason behind His every move.

We see no disrespect or undermining of authority in Joshuas camp. A good sign that positive Bels are with you. s need to be prepared to go against the grain and feel the pressure of the cosmic system at their back. s promises. s plan.


The word of God does not always line up with conventional human wisdom. Most times the two are at odds.

Positive Bel

Victory is not always visible in the heat of a spiritual battle. This is why faith is such a powerful weapon.

HEB 11:30 By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they had been encircled for seven days.

God worked through Joshua to Bless Israel with the land He had promised to Moses.

To complete a nation of elect people governed under God by law and occupying a homeland.

To demonstrate that the gifts of this promised land rested in the historical fulfillment of God

To confirm that the Lord will fulfill His promises as the nation responds in obedience to the law of Moses.

To solidify the faith needed to carry a new generation of Believers forward in God

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