Grace Bible Church
Rick Bettez

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Control over our own MA sins enables us to deal with the attacks of MA sins of others we will certainly face.

2TI 2:3 Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. Is a request to stand & fight in a battle you were born into.

Arrogant MA sins give Satan great joy because they promote independence from God.

Fear promotes jealousy & anger, fear weakens faith and causes grief & anxiety that drives us out of the PPOG.

Poneros (adj)-It speaks on evil, unbelieving, criminal elements, of no ethical sense.

Self-righteous, religious people will affiliate with any form of ungodliness to get the result they desire.

Zeloo – jealous, burn with zeal or to boil, strong desire. Zelos – fierceness or zealousness, fervent mind, indignation.

Zeo – is the primary verb these two words come from, meaning to boil or heat, be very hot or fervent.

When arrogance is at its peak it will use any means or anybody to justify a victory.

Arrogant atheistic followers and self righteous, religious people have many similarities and legalism is one.

Jealous rage only comes after the soul has turned itself over completely to the control of OSN.

Arrogance unsatisfied will manipulate, then attempt to destroy anything or anyone contrary to it.

Religious people have a hard time working out their own salvation because they are so busy interfering in the lives of others.

Arrogant, legalistic people do their best to instill permanent damage to their victim’s reputation as well as their physical welfare.

MAR 9:41 & MAT 10:42, whoever gives a cup of water to one of My followers shall not lose his reward.

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