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Robert R. McLaughlin
July 6, 2018

What happened to our Lord’s soul between the phrases “having been put to death in the flesh” and “but made alive by means of the Spirit.”


1Pe 3:19  By Whom [Spirit] also He went [passive voice i.e. He received transportation] and made proclamation to the spirits [fallen angels and demons] now in prison,


Our Lord went to Hades and spoke a message to all believers and unbelievers who were in Hades along with the rebellious fallen angels who were imprisoned for their rebellion.


Some of Satan’s fallen angels are held in the Abyss, the maximum security of the prisons the Lord made; as taught in Rev 9.


Some of the fallen angels are already in Hades or Hell because of what he apostle Peter said and what Jude said; 2PE 2:4; Jud 1:6.


Under the custodianship of God the Holy Spirit, His soul not only went to Paradise but He also visited Tartarus.


Our Lord’s human soul was in Hades for three days.

While there, He went to Tartarus, the third compartment or area of Hades is called Tartarus and it is the prison of the angels who were involved in Gen 6.


 “spirits in prison” (beni ha Elohim) or the “sons of gods” of Gen 6 or those fallen angels who were judged and incarcerated in Tartarus for violating the rules of the angelic conflict; Jud 6; 2Pe 2:4.


1Pe 3:19  In which [Spirit] also He went [passive voice i.e. received transportation] and made proclamation to the spirits now in prison,


“made proclamation” means that He proclaimed certain doctrines and informed those demons in prison that they had failed and God’s plan was right on time!


They were informed to stop breaking certain rules of the angelic Conflict or else they would be imprisoned and all their good deeds are found wanting.


They produced what 1Co 3:11-15 calls good works but really it is “disgusting to the Lord at its best”; Isa 64:6.

He was in paradise, and I find it interesting that Dr. Luke tells us that He died with a dying thief beside Him, and the Lord also saw our old friend Lazarus, but He didn’t stay there for long!


By means of God the Holy Spirit our Lord made one of the most dramatic visits in all of history, another great title for a message we could call “A Visit to Tartarus.”


“Holy Triune Separation” = where our Lord’s resurrection body is placed in the ground, His soul goes to Hades, and His spirit goes to the presence of God the Father  – the “Holy Triune Separation.”


In this “Holy Triune Separation,” our Lord’s human soul was in Hades in an interim body for three days and during the time that He was there he went to Tartarus.


1Pe 3:20  Who – [the beni ha elohim] in prison now [in Tartarus] who once were disobedient, [in Gen 6] when the patience of God kept waiting in the days of Noah,


The patience of God waited 120 years and during that period they received the most intensive gospel proclamation in all of human history from a great evangelist we know as Noah.


You don’t have to love people to preach the Gospel to them and lead them to salvation.


Just ask Jonah, the non-loving evangelist prophet, who became depressed because the Ninevites  responded to the gospel of Jehovah Elohim, the Lord God.


The Lord overruled him with His over-ruling will and the men on the ship threw him overboard because he had cursed the ship and they had to throw Jonah overboard for them to survive.


Because of the righteousness and justice of God we can conclude that every one of the Nephilim had a chance to believe something about TLJC and every one of them said “No!”


God is always righteous and His dedication to us causes us to enjoy the inner rewards and crowns of peace, love, inner happiness, etc.

In this passage, the fruit mentioned belongs to the believer who will not allow Satan and the kingdom of darkness to give the devil an opportunity,  Eph 4.27.


2Jo 1:8  to “Watch yourselves, that you might not lose what we have accomplished, but that you may receive a full reward.”


This is the type of believer who allows the kingdom of darkness to take away what GAL 5:22 calls the fruit of the Spirit —


In the vacuum of their souls, they continued to worship the gods of Mount Olympus, who were not gods but demons.


PSA 96:5  For all the gods of the peoples are demons.,


God kept waiting under the principle that grace always precedes judgment.


This is not and cannot be a reference to water baptism or baptismal regeneration because those who went under the water were destroyed.

The water that drowned the unbelieving world was also used to deliver the eight souls who were believers and true humanity, Noah, his wife, and his three sons and their wives.


What was deliverance for the men on the ship was discipline to Jonah; Gen 50:20; Deu 23:5.


Second Prin-Water was an instrument of destruction for unbelievers but physical deliverance for believers (opposites attract).


At the moment of our salvation, the baptism of the Spirit made us members of the Royal Family of God.


Each member of Noah’s family in the ark is analogous to the believer who is union with the person of Jesus Christ.


Union with Christ delivers each member of the Royal Family of God from any form of divine judgment just like being with Noah and his family delivered anyone from the divine judgment of the flood.


Those eight souls were an anti-type or copy of what happens to us in the baptism of the Holy Spirit which is given only to those believers who are called “Temples or Body” during this Church-age.


For they were delivered from the catastrophe of the flood by being inside the ark just as we are delivered from the lake of fire by being in union with Christ, due to the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


Just as they were safe in the ark, so we are safe in union with Christ.


Your conscience was delivered at the moment you believed in  TLJC as Savior, when God the H.S. entered you into union with the person of Jesus Christ, making you royal family of God and a new spiritual species.


The pledge of good conscience toward God begins with knowing that you are a new spiritual species and a member of the royal family of God.


A nation that goes beyond God’s principles for the protection of human freedom is opening the door to Satanic doctrine; and when these false doctrines are accepted, freedom is destroyed.

A revolution seeks the destruction of the divine institutions, whereas the American War of Independence was fought to restore the divine institutions.


The government does not have the right to own your property, nor does the government have the right to interfere with industry, much less own industry.


We are in industrial slavery today in this nation because the government has violated this commandment through taxation of industry, through pressure upon industry and through legislation against industry.


God has set up divine laws to regulate the economy of nations, and these laws are defined under the concept of free enterprise.


When a government attempts to superimpose its own laws over God’s divine laws, that government is on its way out.


but when this concept is rejected and the government assumes the role of regulating and controlling the operation of the divine institutions, personal freedom and national sovereignty are destroyed.

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