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Perfection is found in heaven and in the person of the perfect God-man, the Lord Jesus.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

“And heard” – kai – kaiV + aor-act-ind – ekousate – h*kouvsate = to hear and to concentrate.

Constantive aorist – contemplates the action of the verb in its entirety. It takes every time the believer assembles in the classroom of Bible doctrine and submits to academic discipline of the pastor, and gathers it up into one entirety.

Active voice – the believer in submission to the authority of the pastor produces the action of the verb.

Indicative mood – declarative = all spiritual growth demands academic discipline and respect for the authority of the one communicating doctrine in order for the P.M.A. of Bible doctrine to function properly.

Spiritual authority resides in the Word of God and in its communicator, the pastor-teacher.

The pastor-teacher’s authority is limited to his own sheep, though his sheep need not be under his face-to-face ministry, as with the early church, COL 2:1.

The Royal Family Honor Code demands authority orientation in the form of academic discipline when the pastor is teaching Bible doctrine.

The issue is the mystery doctrine of the Church-age perceived and metabolized in your soul.

COL 1:29 And for this purpose also I labor to the point of exhaustion, constantly striving according to His power which mightily works within me.

Never permit preoccupation with the pastor’s feet of clay or his personality to hinder your perception of Bible doctrine.

The feet of clay syndrome is when we place our trust in a self-created illusion.

The demonstration of the Spirit and of power from a teacher of doctrine is the manifestation of the filling of the Holy Spirit and the accuracy of the doctrine taught.

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Unrealistic expectation interposes frustrations which distract from Bible doctrine and destroy the true focus of the Christian life, which is occupation with Christ – not people.

As long as people react to others who do not treat them the way they want to be treated it is impossible for any virtue to exist.

The focus that is substituted for occupation with Christ is eyes on self, eyes on people, or eyes on things.

Eyes on self is arrogance. This makes you selfish, self-centered, and totally unacceptable.

Eyes on people is lust. This is where you become frustrated by comparing yourself with others, thinking that others are getting better treatment, and are the recipients of a better category of love.

Eyes on things is covetousness.
This is when you desire to have or possess what someone else has or possesses.

This explains lasciviousness, inordinate ambition, and inordinate competition, coupled with a lifestyle that destroys or distorts love in the human race.

Role model arrogance is another problem that can hinder you from hearing the word of God properly.
Role is defined as the proper or customary function of a person.

Society and people in general have assigned certain customary functions to certain activities in life, to politicians, ministers, husbands, wives, teachers, public servants, military personnel, and the successful and famous.

When anyone departs from his role model, he is condemned, rejected, criticized, and maligned.

Those who criticize are sinning also and operate under a double standard.

Such criticism implies that certain sins are worse than others, when in the eyes of God all sins are the same except for the seven sins in PRO 6:16-19.

Individuals and society in general like to see everything in its proper place, and resent any deviation in assigned thought, action, or personality.

If anyone deviates from his proper place, society rises up and condemns and destroys the person who stepped“out of line.”

Society has developed a double standard: one standard for the role model, and one standard for self.

The individual excuses himself for his own sins and failures, but condemns the role model for the identical sins and failures.

Among Christians, role model arrogance manufactures hypocrisy and legalism, two of the characteristics of self-righteous arrogance.

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