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Spiritual metabolism. Part 7. Divine inspiration, divine power for the spiritual life and Biblical warnings.

Friday, September 3, 2004

The Doctrine of Spiritual Metabolism. Point 1. Definition.

Point 2. The First Step Toward Spiritual Metabolism Begins with the Believer’s Free-will.
Point 3. God’s grace provisions for the metabolization of Bible doctrine.
Point 4. The Mentorship of the Holy Spirit Related to Spiritual Metabolism.
Point 5. The Indwelling and Filling of the Spirit Related to Mentorship.

Point 6. Spiritual Metabolism is also Related to the Mechanics of Divine Inspiration.

Inspired – theopneustos = God-breathed.

God the Holy Spirit provided certain information to the human authors of Scripture, and this information was exhaled into the canon of Scripture.

When it comes to the Church-age, the human authors inhaled the Holy Spirit’s message and exhaled that message into the New Testament.

Theopneustos = the inhale and the exhale.

1. Theopneustos = God the Holy Spirit so supernaturally directed the human authors of the New Testament to put in writing our Lord’s complete and accurate message to the Church.

2. Theopneustos = this message was recorded with perfect accuracy in the original languages of the New Testament.

3. Theopneustos = our Mentor, God the Holy Spirit did so in a supernatural way without waiving their intelligence, their individuality, their personal feelings, their literary style, or any other human factor of expression.

JOH 16:12 “I have many more things to say to you, but you cannot bear {them} now.”

Exhale = the human writers of the New Testament wrote down in the Greek the completed message of TLJC and the plan of God the Father for all believers – the doctrine of verbal plenary inspiration.

The inhale is the ministry of God the Holy Spirit, who communicates to the human author God’s complete and coherent message to that generation and all future generations of history.

The exhale is what the human writer wrote down in his own language and within the framework of his own personality, the divine message to man.

Verbal inspiration applies only to the original languages of Scripture – Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek – the human writers wrote down in their own language the divine message to mankind under the power of the Holy Spirit.

The word of God is called, HEB 3:7, “The voice of the Spirit.”

Point 7. Spiritual Metabolism from the Holy Spirit is the Divine Power for the Spiritual Life.

Since the divine plan for the Church-age is perfect from a perfect God it can only be fulfilled through the perfect power of God.

As our mentor and teacher of doctrine, God the Holy Spirit provides the power for the execution of the spiritual life.

As a part of your portfolio of invisible assets you were given your very own spiritual life.

If your mentor is not God the Holy Spirit, you are a loser.

Dissipation refers to a disorderly lifestyle – an excessive lifestyle of dependence on the wrong things to solve the problems of life

“Be filled” – pres-pass-imp – PLEROO = “to be filled.”

A. To fill up a deficiency. The filling of the Holy Spirit fills up our deficiency of power to execute the spiritual life.
B. To fully possess – the believer must be fully possessed by the Holy Spirit and Bible doctrine before he can be fully possessed by the blessings of maturity.

C. To fully influence.
The believer is fully influenced by the teaching ministry of the Holy Spirit with Bible doctrine so that he can have capacity for blessing.
D. To fill with a certain quality. The filling of the Holy Spirit along with doctrine is the highest quality with which the believer can be filled.

At the time this verb was written the present tense was a tendential present = an action that is mandated but has not actually taken place.

For the rest of the Church-age believers, it becomes a durative present tense – used for an action or state of being in the past continuing into the present, a present linear aktionsart.

Passive voice = the Church-age believer is acted upon by God the Holy Spirit inside the Pre-designed Plan of God.

Through the metabolization of Bible doctrine, the Holy Spirit fills up the deficiency in your life.
Through the metabolization of Bible doctrine, the Holy Spirit fully possesses you.
Through the metabolization of Bible doctrine, the Holy Spirit will fully influence you if you allow Him to.
Through the metabolization of Bible doctrine, the Holy Spirit will fill you with a certain quality of life.

En + instrumental of agency of pneuma –
“with the Spirit” = “keep on being controlled by means of the Spirit.”

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