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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In context, when Paul says it does not depend on the man who wills or the man who runs, but on God who has mercy, he is dealing with pursuing blessings not salvation.

Blessing in time must be imputed to + R

It is not from him who desires blessing, and not from him who runs after blessing, but from God who shows mercy.

1. Neither thought, nor action can extract blessing from God.

2. Divine blessing is an imputation from the justice of God, to the righteousness of God, at the different stages of spiritual growth and thereafter.

Human life was imputed after birth to its divinely prepared home, the soul, and simultaneously, Adam’s original sin was imputed to the genetically formed old sin nature, saving up all of our personal sins to be imputed to Christ on the Cross.

a. All of the personal sins of the human race were saved up, past, present and future, imputed to Christ on the Cross and judged.

b. Then at salvation, the righteousness of God was imputed all who believe in faith alone in Christ alone to set up the potential for divine blessing in time.

3. God can only provide blessing for capacity for blessing.

4. God’s imputed blessing is designed to glorify God as the tactical victory of the angelic conflict.

5. The tactical victory compliments the strategic victory of our Lord’s death, burial, resurrection, ascension and session at the right hand of the Father.

6. ROM 9:16 is saying that if God doesn’t promote you, you are not promoted.

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