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Robert R. McLaughlin
Wednesday, February 19, 2014

MAT 14:21 And there were about five thousand men who ate, aside from women and children.

1. The Multitude Following: 2. The Missing Faith: 3. The Miraculous Feeding: 4. The Many Fragments: 5. The Messiah Foretold.

In verses 5-9, we have the Missing Faith.

The real reason why our Lord asked Philip is told to us which is that Philip needed a test.

God brings certain things into our lives for the sake of testing us, and no other reason?

Some of these tests are simply not worth you giving the time of day to.

God will allow Satan and the Kingdom of darkness to bring in certain tests such as people testing that are to designed to test our arrogance and to past them you must ignore these tests because arrogance hates to be ignored.

Sometimes people testing comes in and we cannot allow their antagonism or irritation toward us to control our life or happiness.

Under the PPOG, God designed His plan so that your happiness will always reside in you, and you do not depend on people or things for your happiness.

You are supposed to have personal control of your life, a personal sense of destiny, self‑confidence from metabolized doctrine, and therefore, poise and command of self.

The solution to people testing is found in the combination of personal love for God and impersonal love for all mankind.

When you become jealous, angry, bitter, vindictive, or implacable; when you are dissatisfied, antagonistic toward someone else, friend or stranger, lover or enemy; you surrender the control of your life to that person.

When someone else has control of your life through hatred or love, you enter into the law of volitional responsibility with its self‑induced misery.

Satan says to God that even he doesn’t want them to represent  one of his own and agrees with the Lord at one point which is as

REV 3:16 says “I will vomit them out of My mouth.”

For those of you who support them, the Bible says that you are just as guilty as they are, in fact, in some cases, even more.

Just like the Pharisees and like the snakes and vipers and lying little imp’s that these losers are, if we give them the time of day, we have violated MAR 4:24 which says “Take care what you listen to.”

We have said in effect, “No, I will not,” and have lowered our selves to their level and have touched one of God’s anointed ones.

1SA 24:6  “Far be it from me because of the Lord that I should do this thing to my lord, the Lord’s anointed, to stretch out my hand against him, since he is the Lord’s anointed.”

1SA 26:9 “Do not destroy him, for who can stretch out his hand against the Lord’s anointed and be without guilt?”
Just like the Pharisees, and just like the snake and vipers and lying little imp’s that they are, we have violated passages likeLUK 8:18 which says “Therefore take care how you listen;”

We have said in effect, “No, I will not do that either, and we have not acted like the apple of God’s eye.”

ZEC 2:8b For the Lord says, “For he who touches you, touches the apple of My eye.

We have violated JOH 7:24 which says “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.”

We have said in effect, “No, I will not and have touched one of God’s anointed ones.”

ISA 11:3 “And He will delight in the respect of the Lord, And He will not judge by what His eyes see, Nor make a decision by what His ears hear;”

ISA 54:17 “No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn.

This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their vindication is from Me,” declares the Lord.

2CO 13:8 For we can do nothing against the truth, but only for the truth.

GEN 50:20  “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.

DEU 23:5 but the Lord your God turned the curse into a blessing for you because the Lord your God loves you.

The point is that God does test our trust.

One of the principles of doctrine is that “God gives us a test, not just concerning what we are able to bear, but even beyond what we are able to bear.”

If God only tested us as far as we already trusted Him, we would  never grow in His grace and knowledge.

If we are at a certain place of spiritual growth and we know that God can only trust us so far, then we should be prepared for Him to lead us to another advanced place.

God will keep on testing us even beyond what we are able to bear.

MAT 5:48 “Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. which is the fact that if God only pushed us or tested us according to what we can bear, what good does that do?

He always will test you beyond what you are able to bear.

Because then He can take your trust and move it out to a greater  area of trust.

The next time you get tested notice, that you will get tested just a little past the trust that you had and that you needed to move out a little further.

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