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The testimony of the Scriptures that reveals the five basic deceptions of the Muslim religion and Islam.

Sunday, October 28, 2001

1. Islam is a religion of love. 2. Islam is a religion of peace. 3. Allah is just another name for God. 4. Jesus Christ of the Muslims is the same Jesus Christ of the Christians. 5. The Quran is the Holy Book, not the Bible.

DAN 12:4 “in the end of times; many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase.”

Evolution was true.

Before the Scriptural record there was the stellar record, the record or the witness of the stars.

The virgin birth of Christ to His cross, death, resurrection, glorification, defeat of the dragon, stepping on the head of the serpent, and many more.

MAT 24:5 “For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many.”

Surah 5:72 They do blaspheme who say: “Allah is Christ the son of Mary.” But said Christ: “O Children of Israel! worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord. “Whoever joins other gods with Allah,- Allah will forbid him the garden, and the Fire will be his abode. There will for the wrong-doers be no one to help.”

Surah 5:73 They do blaspheme who say: Allah is one of three in a Trinity: for there is no god except One Allah. If they desist not from their word of blasphemy, verily a grievous penalty will befall the blasphemers among them.

GEN 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

COL 1:16 “For by Him [Jesus Christ] all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth,”

COL 1:15 “And He is the exact image of the invisible God.”

The Hadith – Jesus Christ comes back a second time, kills the anti-Christ, a Jew, in battle = a counterfeit ofREV 19:11-20.

Then Jesus, the Muslim, comes down leading 400,000 Muslim believers; they break all the crosses, destroy all the Christian churches, and destroy all the Jews’ Synagogues.

All the Jews and the Christians who have not embraced Allah, and his greatest prophet Muhammad will be put to the death, put to the sword by Jesus the Muslim.

1TI 2:5 “For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,”

Turn to ACT 4:12

Tetelestai = perf/pass/ind Teleo = “It is finished in the past, with the result that it keeps on being finished forever!”

GAL 6:14 “But may it never be that I should boast, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.”

Surah 4:57. The Jews said in boast, “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah.” – but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them.

ACT 2:23 “this Man, delivered up by the predetermined plan and foreknowledge of God, you nailed to a cross by the hands of godless men and put {Him} to death.”

The cross was the place where Allah was defeated, COL 2:13-15.

The fifth deception of Islam The Quran is the Holy Book, not the Bible.

God is not the author of confusion, 1CO 14:33.

Surah 23:47 – to Allah one day with him is equal to a thousand years of human life. Surah 70:4 “To Allah one day whereof the measure is fifty thousand years.”

The Quran indicates human beings will be questioned on the day of judgment, Surah 7:6, 37:24. Surah 55:39 “On that day none will be questioned about his sin, neither man nor jinn.”

Surah 41:9-12 – Allah completed the heavens and the earth in eight days. Surah 7:51,10:3 – Allah created the heavens and the earth in six days.

Surah 21:76 – Noah and his family were saved from the flood. Surah 11:42,43; 66:10 – Noah’s wife and one of his sons did not survive.

Surah 56:11-14 – only a few of the later believers will enter paradise. Surah 56:39-40 – a multitude of those of old and a multitude of those of later time will enter paradise.

Surah 5:82-83 – holds Jews as hostile enemies to the Muslims whereas Christians are held in the highest regard. Surah 5:51 – puts both Jews and Christians on the same list of people whom Muslims are to avoid.

Contradictions of the Koran The Quran and Hadiths accuse Abraham of being an idolater, deceiver, and having doubts regarding God’s ability to raise the dead, Surah 6:75-78. The Quran accuses Joseph of lusting after the wife of Potiphar, Surah 12:24. The Quran accuses Job of beating his wife. David did not sin with Bathsheba and Uriah, Surah 3:21-25.

Muhammad, whom Muslims claim was perfect, was a sinner in need of forgiveness, Surah 40:55; 47:19; 48:1-2; 80:1-11.

Contradictions of the Koran Israelites turned into apes and swine, Surah 2:65; 5:60. Solomon was given power over the winds, had jinns and demons working underneath his supervision, Surah 21:81-82; 38:36-38. Solomon spoke to ants and birds as one speaks to a friend, with the animals speaking back to him, Surah 27:17-44. People who were put to death for hundreds of years, were brought back to life on earth again, Surah 2:259. The story of the sleepers of the cave who, upon fleeing persecution, ran into a cave with their dog where they fell asleep for over 300 years. Surah 18:9-22.

The Bible was written by forty different authors in a period of over 1600 years; the Quran was written by one man over a 23 year period.

Its Honesty Its Preservation Its Claims For Itself Its Miracles Its Unity

Its Historical And Geographical Accuracy Its Endorsement By Christ Its Prophetic Accuracy Its Survival Its Power To Change Lives

Forty different authors writing over a period of 1,600 years penned the 66 books of the Bible.

Four hundred silent years separated the 39 books of the Old Testament from the 27 of the New Testament.

Five deceptions of Islam 1. Islam is a religion of love.

4. Jesus Christ of the Muslim is the same Jesus Christ of the Christians.

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