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Thanksgiving – Give thanks for everything. Thomas F. Cotroneo, Esq.

Friday, November 25, 2011

1 TH 5:18

“We found the Lord to be with us in all our ways, and to bless our outgoings and incomings.
Let His holy name have the praise forever.”

Pas –
Everything means no exceptions!
In every situation.
At all times.
Under every circumstance.
Good – Bad – Happy – Sad.

It is a victory cry that says,
God is still on His Throne and is able to bring about good from any circumstance that comes my way.

Present /active /imperative of eu-char-is-teo
To be grateful;
To be thankful on the basis of some received benefit.

The person who can genuinely give thanks for all things is the humble person, the person who knows he deserves nothing and who therefore gives thanks even for the smallest things.

We can’t control the circumstances of life, but we can control how we respond to them. Develop your understanding of the basic biblical doctrines about God the Father. 

Learn of His attributes:
perfect love,
perfect wisdom,
perfect holiness,
perfect goodness,
perfect mercy, and
perfect truthfulness. 

The Most High God,
The Everlasting God,
The God Who Sees,
The LORD will provide,
The LORD is my Shepherd,
The LORD of Hosts (i.e., the Lord of the armies).

Learn all about TLJC and his work.
Study His life and words.
Understand his death, resurrection and ascension.

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