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Wednesday November 26, 2019
Thanksgiving 2019

Luk 17:11-19 - This is not a Parable, nor is it a story, it is a documented fact of a “real event” that “really happened” after our Lord performed a miracle right before “everyone’s eyes.”

They were definitely ostracized and hated as if it was their fault that they had leprosy.

Vs 11 -- on the way to Jerusalem as our Lord was passing through Samaria and Galilee that He was met by Ten Lepers who were begging to be healed.

  1. In LUK 17:11, we have the type of Savior and Shepherd who seeks for us, we do not seek for Him.

The first form of Typology has God seeking for us, we do not seek for Him.

  1. The next type comes from the phrase; “He was on the way to Jerusalem,” the Jewish City of our God.”

This represents the ultimate goal of living the spiritual life in time so that we can live and enjoy the Holy city of Jerusalem during the Millennium and then the eternal state.

  1. This story of the Ten Lepers also tells us that our Lord also passed through Samaria – those who were half- Jews and half-gentiles.


  1. He passed through Galilee – those who were fully gentiles and not Jewish at all.

No matter what we study in the Word of God never ceases to amaze us.

As one of the most fantastic languages of the Bible, some interesting grammatical rules apply whereby there are times that the writer can even get the emotion of a word down in the written page.

To know the original language that is used in the Bible is without a doubt, one of the most powerful weapons any of us could ever have.

Scores and scores of people who had all kinds of diseases heard that Jesus was coming by and they all wanted a miracle of some sought, especially a certain village.

When you get right down to it, there are two words in this verse that describe the importance of being in the right place at the right time.

The conclusion that we would come to is that the phrase translated a “certain village” really refers to the “Divine Will of God” for our lives.

It is called in the original Greek language of the Bible  “tis kome” meaning a certain time, a certain place or a special time, or a time of intimacy.

Ten Lepers who, in the “natural realm” were reminded of their disease every time they look into the reflection of themselves in the water of a lake or a pond.

Just like we do and feel when we look into the water of the word of God and see our Leprous condition without Him.

This happens to all of us at certain times, especially when we hear a doctrinal truth that really convicts us of the presence of our “spiritual leprosy.”

Here is an amazing miracle that is not magic or trickery, but the super-natural power of our Lord revealed by the instant healing of Ten Men with Leprosy.

Healing just one would have glorified the Lord but our Lord healed Ten at once.

Before the cure to Leprosy was discovered, it was one of those diseases that destroyed Nations, states, cities, etc.

It also promoted suicide, murder, deformity, a breakdown in the mentality of the soul, physical blindness, deafness, and a shiggaon mentality which qualifies the individual to have to live in quarantine.

Along with the excruciating pain, there is sorrow, guilt, fear, but, probably the most painful of them all, = the fear of rejection and not being loved.

Here is an amazing miracle, the healing of ten men from one of the most disgusting diseases in the Bible.

Along with having boils all over your body which was grotesque and painful, leprosy was very humiliating and disgusting to look upon.

It is a tribute to modern medicine that most of us know very little about the disease called leprosy.

Most of us have never seen a leper.

Those in the ancient world who was suspected of having the disease was banished from society.

In the rabbinic writings we find remedies for various diseases but nothing is listed for leprosy.

The rabbis said that curing leprosy was almost like raising the dead.

  1. Leprosy was a hideous disease which is known as Hansen’s Disease today, after the Norwegian doctor who in 1873 discovered that filthy bacteria that caused the disease and how to deal with it.

The Bible words translated “leprosy” actually cover a broad range of skin diseases, which is why some modern translations say that leprosy was “an eruptive gross skin disease.”


  1. A patch of skin is discolored.


  1. The patches of skin turn white or pink and begins to spread rapidly in all directions in all areas of the body.


  1. The disease spreads to various internal organs as well. The eyebrows may disappear, and spongy tumors appear all over the body.


  1. Tissue begins to disintegrate causing the hands and feet to become deformed.


  1. The nerve endings of the body are destroyed.

Leprosy was feared by the ancients because it produced such terrible results, and because it was contagious and could not be cured by man.

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