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The Abrahamic Covenant.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kai hai diatheekai =
and the covenants.
(in the predicate nominative plural - ditheke = the covenants)

The Abrahamic covenant was the beginning of the Jews, and the beginning of God’s promises to Israel.

God is faithful; God keeps His word; God cannot welsh on an obligation.

The integrity of God makes that impossible (the integrity of God = His justice and His righteousness). The only Jews to whom these promises are pertinent, are the spiritual, rather than the natural or the physical, seed of Abraham.

Only those Jews who receive the imputation of divine righteousness, as did Abraham, Gen 15, where Abraham was told that his progeny would be as the stars of the heaven, or like the sands of the sea.

The only Jews who receive the promises of the Abrahamic, Palestinian, Davidic, and New Covenants to Israel are those Jews who have +R.

The justice of God imputes blessing to the righteousness of God only, and no Jew is a true Jew until he has the righteousness of God, and then he fulfills the principle of advancing in the plan of God.

Human life imputed at birth + Adam’s original sin = the first potential, the potential of salvation.

Plus the pertinent doctrine, the gospel, equals the first hope = absolute confidence that when you believe in Christ you have eternal life.

Plus salvation adjustment to the justice of God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Judicial imputation number one, the imputation of all personal sins to Christ on the cross, plus judicial imputation number two, the imputation of divine righteousness to the believer, the only basis for blessing.

The potential of great blessing from the justice of God, plus pertinent doctrine equals the second hope, absolute confidence that through the perception of doctrine, one attains maturity and receives and is qualified for divine blessing.

Plus there is maturity adjustment to the justice of God through maximum doctrine resident in the soul.

The imputation of eternal life, plus the imputation of blessing in time equals the third potential, plus pertinent doctrine, plus undeserved suffering, equals the third hope, absolute confidence that when we stand at the judgment seat of Christ in a resurrection body, we are going to receive the imputation of divine blessing, and this is the plan of God.

Ditheke - the covenant =
a disposition made by God, to Abraham, dealing with the heritage of Israel.

Like all the covenants, this is a part of the divine decrees - Abraham is a beneficiary without merit; God promised Abraham
(he had received +R).

These promises are forever, so you have to have God’s life, forever life, eternal life.

Christianity at the moment is trying to reinvent the wheel; the wheel is God’s plan, and it runs on God’s axle, +R.

This covenant is unconditional; the
original paragraph is found in GEN 12:1-3.

Abraham had seven sons; the great nation would come through one only, Isaac; the great nation is the nation of Israel called the Jews, called Hebrews.

Israel will be the source of blessing for the entire world.
Israel in the Millennium is the great nation.

Israel in all eternity after the Millennium is the great nation, and the only ones who can be in that great nation, who are racial or physical Jews, the only ones who can make it, are those who are qualified by having +R and by having eternal life.

Here was the challenge, not only to Nicodemus, but to all Jews: “Ye must be born again.”

It is not the physical seed of Abraham that has the great heritage of the future.
It is the spiritual seed of Abraham.

From this freedom comes missionary activity to reach out to any nation, or any group of people wherever they may be found, who are positive toward God and God-consciousness, they will hear the gospel.

We have some anti-Semitic people in the nation, but as a nation we are not anti-Semitic.

The part of demon possession, being possessed by an egostramouthos demon, and actually speaking in foreign languages not known to the individual in a conscious state

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