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The Theocentric dispensations: The dispensation of the first murder in human history.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The first Theocentric dispensation, the dispensation of the Gentiles, is broken down into three parts:
1. The Period of Positive Volition
2. The Period of Negative Volition
3. The Period of the Patriarchs

The Period of Positive Volition began with the creation of mankind to the fall of Adam and the woman, an indefinite period of time.

1. They were created perfect beings, created with body, soul, and human spirit.
2. They were placed in perfect environment, the Garden of Eden.

The age of negative volition is a part of the dispensation of the Gentiles.
It began with the fall of Adam and the woman and continued to Abraham, from ? BC to 2,050 BC. The period of negative volition is the era or the dispensation of the first murder in history, GEN 4:1-15.

Cain offered certain types of gifts and sacrifices, but they had no meaning; there was no doctrine in Cain’s soul.... Cain was an unbeliever and therefore was minus the appropriate doctrine.

Abel is a picture of the believer who has P.V.T.D. and does the right thing in the right way. Cain is a picture of an individual who is minus doctrine and tries to impress God with his works.

1. Abel was a believer; Cain was not.
2. Abel offered a sacrifice that was accurate because of doctrine resident in the soul.

1JO 3:12 Cain was of the evil one, and murdered his brother. And for what reason did he murder him? Because his deeds were evil, and his brother’s were righteous.

Abel is one of the first cases in history of a believer who had positive volition toward doctrine and became a spiritual champion and a visible hero.

Antediluvian refers to the time period before the flood.

Culture and violence always go together, for it occurred again during the fifth century B.C. Athens, during the renaissance, and today in the United States.

Cain built cities, GEN 4:17.
Jubal, Lamech’s son, invented the harp and organ, the stringed and wind instruments,
GEN 4:21.

That Noah could construct his huge ark is also a witness to the engineering skills and tools that were available.

The antediluvian civilization began with Adam and the woman in the Garden of Eden in a state of perfect environment and ended with the flood.

Perfect environment was denied to them as a result of the fall, because mankind in the state of sin has no capacity for perfect environment.

Adam lived 930 years; Seth 912 years; Mahalaleel 895 years; Jared 962 years; Methuselah 969 years; Lamech 777 years, GEN 5:5-31.

This civilization degenerated due to the angelic infiltration of fallen angels who had sexual relations with the females of the human race, producing a super race of heroes.

These are the ones who were the subject of Greek mythology, GEN 6:2ff cf. JOB 1:6; 2:1; 38:7; PSA 29:1; 89:6 (BENI HA ELOHIM = angels).

The world was also filled with the NEPHILIM, the half-angel half-human creatures.

This super race was characterized by two things: degeneracy and self-destruction, and negative volition and spiritual death.

Both Noah and Enoch preached to the antediluvian, 2PE 2:5; Jud 14-15.

Since human beings are self-destructive, and true humanity on the earth was in jeopardy, God administered the great judgment of the universal flood which destroyed the half-human half-angelic creatures plus all unbelievers.

The demons involved in the sexual attack in the antediluvian civilization are now incarcerated in the compartment of Hades called Tartarus.

During the antediluvian civilization, the earth was also not yet tilted on its axis; there was no bacteria.

To protect the remnant of believers, God had to destroy the antediluvian civilization.

That is what a rainbow is as a reminder right after a severe thunderstorm, GEN 9:13.

The Theocentric dispensation, the dispensation of the Gentiles and The Period of Negative Volition, the antediluvian period, was a time when God not only spoke audibly to believers but also to unbelievers.

In every dispensation, even though the plan and policy of God may vary, we can still learn from the winner believers.

Abel reveals that no matter what the dispensation may be like, Bible doctrine resident in the soul is what glorifies God.

Cain was jealous of Abel, but jealousy did not stop the momentum of Abel.

PRO 14:30 A tranquil heart is life to the body, But jealousy is rottenness to the bones.
JOB 5:2 For jealousy slays the foolish man and anger kills the stupid.
Life often demands a very strong concentration from you.

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