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The Theocentric dispensations: The dispensation of the Gentiles, the period of positive and negative volition.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Theocentric dispensations:
The dispensation of the Gentiles = three parts:
1. The Period of Positive Volition.
2. The Period of Negative Volition.
3. The Period of the Patriarchs.

It began with the creation of mankind to the fall of Adam and the woman, an indefinite period of time.

The age of positive volition started off with man and woman on planet earth as trichotomous beings - having a body, soul, and a human spirit.

Ishshah = woman, wife, female; because she was created perfect it is actually a compliment and honor for a woman to be an ishshah today. She is described as the soulish and physical counterpart of man, deserving of his unwavering loyalty.

The Bible holds woman in the highest regard and sets forth her “graciousness,” PRO 11:16, and her “worth,” Ruth 3:11, as womanly virtues.

PRO 11:16 - as a spiritual woman she is said to be a gracious woman who attains honor and respect.
RUT 3:11 - Ruth was known as a woman [ishshah] of virtue and excellence.
PRO 11:22 As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion or a beautiful face on an empty head.

Shiphrah and Puah of the Book of Exodus were valiant women who put their own lives at risk by defying the Pharaoh’s law of death in order to uphold God’s law of life.

Deborah, Ruth, Huldah, 2Ki 22, Sarah, Leah, Rachel, Miriam, Hanna, Abigail, Bathsheba, Esther, etc.

He who finds a true Ishshah finds one who becomes a source of blessing to him,

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