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The transformation of our body into conformity with His body with one exception.

Thursday, March 1, 2001

hos [Who]; “will transform,” fut/act/ind, metaschematisei to change a form, to transfigure, to transform.

tapeinwvsewto [the] soma [body] tes [of the] tapeinoseos [humble state] hemon [our] the body of our humble state.

EXO 20:13You shall not murder.”

There are those who have tasted how enjoyable life can be, how capacity for life, love, happiness, promotion, success and prosperity from God can be.

eis summorphon into conformity, to be jointly formed, similar, fashioned like unto, having the same form as another.

Associative instrumental case of soma body we will be associated forever with the kind of body that our Lord has.

In heaven there will be only one resurrection body with scars and wounds, “the Lamb of God”; REV 5:6,12.

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