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The Tribulation period and how it relates to current events and the Nation of Israel.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Since the fall of Adam, Satan has been the ruler of this world, LUK 4:5-7; JOH 12:31; JOH 14:30; JOH 16:11;2CO 4:4; EPH 2:2.

The devil rules - a. All fallen angels. b. All unbelievers. c. Certain believers though demon influence and cosmic involvement.

1JO 4:4 “Greater is He who is in you [omnipotence of God the Holy Spirit in the PPOG] than He who is in the world [power of Satan as ruler of the world and cosmic system].”

Satan is the enemy of Israel; all anti-Semitism is satanic, REV 12:4,13,15.

The whole structure of Biblical Eschatology depends upon the future of Israel in the Millennium.

God has promised Israel a great future; to understand this, we have to understand the Jew, and pre-millennialism.

Certain elements of the Ku Klux Klan are perpetuating the myth that Jews are responsible for world problems.

Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Black Muslim group, the “Nation of Islam,” calls Judaism “a gutter religion” and declares Hitler “a great man.” (New York Times March 2, 1990).

God curses those who curse Israel, GEN 12:1-3; and that promise to Israel from God remains immutable to this very day.

It is true that God reserves the sovereign right to punish the Jews for disobedience, LEV 26:14-39; DEU 28:15-68, but throughout their history, God has preserved this race of people because of His promise, GEN 12:1-3; cf.LEV 26:44.

King of the North = The Soviet Union King of the South = The United Arab States King of the West = A Federation of European States Kings of the East = The Chinese communists and their allies

Satan reasons that if no Jews survive, Gods character will be impugned because His covenant Word to Israel is proven false.

1. The removal of all believers from the earth at the Rapture of the Church; 1TH 4:13-18.

2. The unconditional covenants are an everlasting promise into which God entered with Abraham and his born-again progeny; GEN 17:7.

The Tribulation period starts with the resurrection or Rapture of the Church. It terminates with the Second Advent or the Second Coming of Christ.

The Tribulation is the Doomsday Dispensation, going from the Rapture of the Church to the Second Advent of Christ, approximately seven years. Rev 6-19 gives the trends of history during this period.

Tribulation = Daniels 70th Week, the Time of Satans Desperation, and the Dispensation of the Greatest Power Struggle in all of human history because it involves not only people but angelic creatures as well.

Prophesied in O.T. - JER 30:4-8; ZEC 14:1-9; DAN 9:26-27; ISA 34:1-6, ISA 63:1-6; DAN 11:40-46; Eze 38-39;ZEC 12:1-3. Prophesied by our Lord, Mat 24-25.

There is a time coming on this earth called -“Satans Time Of Desperation,” “The Day Of Wrath,” “The Hour Of trial.”

It is a great period of wrath on this earth from God and from Satan, ZEP 1:14-18.

It is a time of great judgment on the earth like never before, REV 6:12-17.

A great time of indignation, ISA 26:20-21. A time of trial, REV 3:10. Destruction, Joel 1:15. Darkness, Joel 2:2. Desolation, DAN 9:27. Punishment, ISA 24:20-21.

Rev 6-19 presents the outline of this dispensation.

The Tribulation is the time of the Devils desperation, the time when Satan seeks to destroy the Jewish population of the earth.

REV 12:1-12 - the expulsion of Satan from heaven.

Anti-Semitism = intolerance, hatred, prejudice, opposition, persecution, and the exercise of terrorism and military activity against the Jewish race.

Since the church has already defeated Satan in the sense of identifying with TLJC on the Cross, COL 2:14-15, Heb 1-2, now the Jews are the center of the angelic conflict.

a. The historical objective - Satan sought to keep our Lord from being born; and then to kill His humanity before He reached the cross.

The great sign = Abraham and Sarah and the beginning of the Jewish race through circumcision as well as the fulfillment of the Cross.

The sun and the moon = the wives of Jacob and his mistresses who reflect him as the moon reflects the sun; the twelve patriarchs came from Jacobs two wives and two mistresses, GEN 37:9.

Since the day Satan discovered that Israel was to be the source of the incarnate Christ, Israel has been the target for the devils hatred and antagonism.

ekklesia - the church = the called out ones.

Robert R. McLaughlin All Rights Reserved 2002

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