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True freedom is submission to grace and not the law. Part 3.

Friday, March 5, 2010

True freedom is found in surrender to the source of all life and blessing.

The one you are a slave to is the one you obey, whether it is the powerless yoke of the OSN or Omnipotent God the Father through the PPOG.

If your choice is the authority of the OSN then the result is temporal death, which is life out of fellowship with God.

If your choice is the authority of the Father, which was the choice of the humanity of Christ, then the result is experiential righteousness, which is application of position to life.

When sin makes its appeal, we must refuse to recognize it by reckoning that we died to it in Christ, and at once it will go, its power broken.

When we long to be holy, we simply reckon that we are alive to God in Christ, and, as we reckon this to be true, the power of God’s grace will flood our souls. Then we shall see that the Christian life is not a constant battle, but a constant victory.

We are to reckon ourselves dead to sin and alive to God (6:11), to forbid the reign of sin in our mortal bodies (6:12), to yield in obedience to right­eousness (6:16).

Each action involves acceptance by faith of a divine principle: we believe that we are united to Christ; we act by faith on the work that was done; we yield in obedience to righteousness.

ROM 6:11; “consider” present middle imperative from the verb logizomai which means to calculate, to take into account, to evaluate, to estimate, to think, consider, ponder, have in mind, to be of the opinion. In other words, it is a verb of application.

Because of what Christ is to us as believers we are not to allow the one He defeated, our OSN, to be our lord.

Promotion from the OSN is a lie that only makes for further cosmic involvement resulting in further slavery.

Eccl 12:13
The conclusion, when all has been heard, is: fear God and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person.

Promotion in the plan of God is promotion from the source of all blessing, God the Father, who has blessed you in eternity past with blessings that stagger the imagination.

If God doesn’t promote you, you are not promoted. If God doesn’t provide the success, you are not successful. If God doesn’t provide the happiness, you are not happy.

Before you can develop capacity for blessing you must develop capacity for authority in order to be teachable.

True freedom lies in submission to the one who is the source of all blessing and whose policy is always grace.

The analogy: a form of slavery called marriage (chapter 7:1-6).

If we are married to Christ and divorced from the old sin nature, that immediately becomes the basis of everything we do in life – motivated by grace.

You can’t be married to one man and go back to an ex-husband. Therefore you as a believer make constant decisions to cut off the old husband.

When you sin, you rebound. When you perform good and evil there is no rebound technique, you say no to good and evil through the inculcation of doctrine.

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