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The will of God that most believers resist. Knowing no man after the flesh. Part 7.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

3. Knowing no man after the flesh.

No one can truly be an ambassador for Christ unless they are confident of who and what they are as royal ambassadors.

2CO 5:16, from now on we recognize no man according to the flesh or according to
the human viewpoint of our own soul or the thought pattern of our old sin nature.

Proud, arrogant, insecure, feeling threatened, couldn’t stand people because we were secretly jealous of them because of our own insecurity.

We are new creatures, and that we have a new system of thinking, and that TLJC died for all, we are now qualified to love as His ambassadors.

We have an entirely different attitude toward people and God’s will for our life and their life.

1TI 2:4 He desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Recognizing or knowing no man after the flesh means that people no longer disturb us or upset us because we are not thinking with our flesh.

We are not thinking any longer with the deceitfulness of a judgmental critical presumptuous viewpoint.

The moment we personally believed in TLJC there was a tremendous amount of work accomplished by God the Holy Spirit thorough the grace of God.

EPH 4:22-23, Strip yourselves of your former nature [put off and discard your old unrenewed self] which characterized your previous manner of life and becomes corrupt through lusts and desires that spring from delusion; And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind [having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude],

It is having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude,
because that is exactly what happens when you recognize or know no one after the flesh, including yourself.

EPH 4:24, And put on the new nature (the regenerate self) created in God’s image, [God-like] in true righteousness and holiness.

When you don’t recognize or know yourself after your own flesh you believe that you are a member of the Royal Family of God.

You will have the attitude of the mind of Christ toward God, toward yourself and toward others.

What is your attitude toward yourself?

1CO 15:10, By the grace of God I am what I am

Self-condemnation as we are warned against
ROM 8:1; 1JO 3:20.

It all begins by your answer to the question: What is your attitude toward yourself?

1CO 15:10, By the grace of God I am what I am,
2CO 5:17 will be an accepted fact, you will believe that you are a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. If not then self-condemnation and guilt will result.

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