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Winners have a "survival kit" built up in their soul and the ability to be flexible in every circumstance of disaster.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

“Might cause her to be swept away” -
aor-act-subj - poieo = to do, make, manufacture; to cause.

Causative active voice - Satan as the subject performs the action of the verb through intermediary means.

Those Jews who had believed in Christ, and advanced through the P.M.A. of B.D., will continue in the greatest adversity to have a personal sense of destiny, maintain control of their own lives, and make good decisions from a position of strength.

Israel only has a personal sense of destiny when related to Jesus Christ, the God of Israel, and when not related to Jesus Christ, the Jews flounder in their terrible attacks from Satan - holocaust.

1. To be a racial Jew and to reject Jesus Christ as Savior substitutes arrogance for a personal sense of destiny, and arrogance destroys personal sense of destiny, or gives a false personal sense of destiny.

2. Apart from faith in Christ, no one can have a personal sense of destiny, for the plan of God begins at the cross; therefore being a racial Jew is not being a true Jew, until one is born again by faith in Jesus Christ.

3. True Israel is regenerate Israel, and only true Israel will not lose its sense of destiny or control of their personal lives; so many, many unbelievers among the Jews are going to die in that terrible holocaust just as they have died in past holocausts.

4. Waters - floodwaters, or rapids, or tidal waves, or any great flow of water, which has a power representing the principle of great adversity.

5. The attack of the third demon assault army, the Devil’s guards, are pictured as a wall of water pursuing Israel, to be overtaken by the wall of water, a tidal wave or flood or rapids, and drowning = destruction of Israel by analogy.

No matter how great the historical disaster, God always delivers winners.

Winners have their survival kit built up and constructed in their soul through the perception of Bible doctrine, and with this they have that innate ability to be flexible in every circumstance of disaster.

This time instead of the analogy of disaster,
verse 15, we have the analogy of deliverance.

Earth - ge = the country, earth, ground, land, world.

Land = safety from water; in the analogy, God provides safety for Israel during the greatest holocaust of history.

The land = the protection of God in the literal land of Edom, Moab and Ammon, DAN 11:41. It refers to the mountains of MAT 24:16, and the high desert country of REV 12:14.

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God always provides a designated area for safety.
ZEC 2:5 For I, declares the Lord, will be a wall of fire around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.

In the analogy, there is more land mass than the flood, water or rapids, and this becomes a picture of divine deliverance of Israel, during the greatest holocaust of their history.

The land can be construed both literally and figuratively and still communicates the concept of God’s faithfulness to Israel, their deliverance from the flood waters of anti-Semitism, both in the future as well as now.

To help - aor-act-ind - boetheo = to help, furnish aid, provide aid.

When you have tried everything to try to find a way of escape in time of historical disaster, you must remember that God has a plan for your life and that plan includes being in the right place at the right time.

There could be historical disaster economically, or socially, or from the standpoint of the military, from warfare.

His plan and His purpose = He will deliver you in time of historical disaster, provided that the historical disaster is not used for your punishment.

Deliverance is not physical, deliverance is in the soul for those in the plan of God, and if God is not using disaster to punish you, He is using disaster to demonstrate His power, His grace, and His deliverance.

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