Grace Bible Church
Robert R. McLaughlin

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Being arrested by the extraordinary significance of what we are told about the great stone which according to the evidence was placed against the entrance to the grave.

 It was a manifestation of capital punishment for any Roman Soldier to ever fall asleep while watching guard over other Roman Soldiers during their incarceration.

The Lord kept giving the citizens of Israel opportunity after opportunity to pass the various tests which would increase their spiritual strength as the Christian soldier.

They are arguing with Moses and that they are rejecting his authority.

On the one hand they rejected the authority of their leader, but on the other hand they demanded that he give them water.

They now make a demand which is inconsistent with their rejection.

If the Jews reject the authority of Moses, why do they ascribe to him the supernatural power of providing water for 2,000,000 people and their children?

If they think that Moses can manufacture water, then they should except his authority, but they didn’t.

The Qal imperative of nathan which means that they demanded it.

So instead of using the PSD, their fear and their anxiety, led to madness and rage.

He sees hatred motivating violence.

This is why we all need protection by means of the Rock.

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