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The wreath of glory and the recipients of surpassing grace blessings. The doctrine of Surpassing grace, Part 1.

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

PHI 4:1 Therefore, my beloved brethren whom I desire to see or be with, my source of happiness and [stephanos] wreath of glory,

The Doctrine of Surpassing Grace.

Point 1. Definition. Surpassing grace is the ultimate in spiritual achievement. It is the maximum place of blessing and reward and the utmost in glorifying Jesus Christ.

EPH 2:7 “in order that in the ages to come [the approaching ages and dispensations] He might show the surpassing riches of His grace in generosity toward us in Christ Jesus.”

a. Supergrace blessings, the rewards and blessings in time, JAM 4:6.

Surpassing grace = special blessings and rewards in eternity for the believer who reached spiritual maturity in time and brought glory to God in His predesigned plan.

There are no surpassing grace blessings in eternity without the attainment of supergrace blessings in time, 1CO 3:11-16.

Spiritual blessings include sharing the perfect happiness of God and occupation with Christ, which is intensified in supergrace and ultra-supergrace.

The supergrace believer has great capacity for life, love, happiness, blessing, and total appreciation for grace. All of these are intensified in supergrace.

There is the tremendous ability to face undeserved suffering in life without any complaining at all.

PHI 2:14 Keep on doing all things without complaining, grumbling or arguing;

The supergrace believer has the ability to correctly interpret contemporary history, to evaluate current events in the light of the Word of God.

(2) Temporal blessings.

Professional prosperity = having a great influence on others, leadership dynamics, success, promotion, recognition in one’s sphere of life.

Under supergrace, you will have the ability to assume responsibility and authority without emotional inspiration or pseudo motivation.

You have great social prosperity and great friends. You may also have sexual prosperity with ones right man or right woman.

You will have technical prosperity or mental prosperity where the ability to think and concentrate increases.

You will have cultural prosperity which is maximum enjoyment of drama, art, literature, music, and history. Establishment prosperity includes enjoyment of freedom, privacy, protection of life and property from criminals and reprisal.

You will have prosperity related to your health.

Blessings by association.

Peripheral areas of blessing by association such as loved ones, in business life, in social life, and those in a local church. Geographical blessings to the supergrace believer’s city, state, and nation.

(4) Historical blessings, 2TI 1:5.

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