Grace Bible Church Pastor Robert R. McLaughlin

Amazing Prophecies fulfilled by our Lord on the Cross. Here’s a list of 29 of these Prophecies I have taught and we have looked at over the years. And remember the odds of one Man fulfilling even 2, let alone 29. Here are 29 Prophecies fulfilled by the Cross.


1. The first prophecy, the oldest of all, had been given by God at the time of Adam and Eve’s sin. Prophesied: GEN 3:15 Fulfilled in JOH 12:31-33

2. The betrayal of Jesus by Judas was foretold by David. Prophesied: PSA 41:9 Fulfilled: MAR 14:10-11

3. Jesus Christ would be forsaken by His disciples, as prophesied by Zechariah. Prophesied: ZEC 13:7 Fulfilled: MAR 14:50

4. The price of His betrayal (30 pieces of silver) was also foretold by Zechariah. Prophesied: ZEC 11:12 Fulfilled in total accuracy: MAT 26:15

5. Zechariah also foretold what would be done with the betrayal money. Prophesied: ZEC 11:13 Fulfilled: MAT 27:3-7

6. Isaiah prophesied that Jesus Christ would be sacrificed as the Passover Lamb of God. Prophesied: ISA 53:7. Fulfilled: 1CO 5:7, 1PE 1:18-20

7. Isaiah also prophesied the scourging and mocking and physical abuse that He would suffer. Prophesied: ISA 50:6 Fulfilled: MAT 27:26-30, MAT 26:67

8. David would also prophesy His physical abuse, Prophesied: PSA 22:17 Fulfilled: MAT 27:26

9. David prophesied the shame and dishonor that Jesus would suffer, being condemned as a criminal. Prophesied: PSA 69:9, PSA 19-20 Fulfilled: MAT 26:55

10. There would also be cruel and lying witnesses against Him. Prophesied: PSA 35:11 Fulfilled: MAR 14:55-57

11. Isaiah prophesied that Jesus would not make an effort to defend Himself at His trial. Prophesied: ISA 53:7 Fulfilled: MAT 27:13-14

12. Isaiah also foretold Jesus Christ’s crucifixion as the sin offering for the world. Prophesied: ISA 53:4-6; 10-11 Fulfilled: JOH 19:16-19

13. Isaiah had prophesied that He was numbered among the transgressors or lawbreakers. Prophesied: ISA 53:12 Fulfilled: LUK 23:32-33

14. David prophesied that His hands and His feet would be pierced. Prophesied: PSA 22:16 Fulfilled: MAR 15:25, JOH 20:25-27

15. The parting of His garments was also prophesied by David. Prophesied: PSA 22:18 Fulfilled: JOH 19:24

16. David prophesied that they would give Him vinegar to drink. | Prophesied: PSA 69:21 Fulfilled: MAT 27:34

17. David also prophesied that many would be watching Jesus during the crucifixion.\ Prophesied: PSA 22:17 Fulfilled: MAT 27:36, LUK 23:48

18. The Bible says that among those watching would be our Lord’s family and friends, who would stand at a distance. Prophesied: PSA 38:11 Fulfilled: LUK 23:49

19. Some of His observers would shake their heads at Him. Prophesied: PSA 109:25 Fulfilled: MAT 27:39-40

20. The words of His enemies were prophesied by David. Prophesied: PSA 22:8 Fulfilled: MAT 27:43-44.

21. Isaiah prophesied that Jesus would make intercession for sinners. This intercession began even during His crucifixion. Prophesied: ISA 53:12 Fulfilled: LUK 23:34

22. David prophesied the thoughts of Jesus at the height of His suffering. Prophesied: PSA 22:1 Fulfilled: MAT 27:46).

23. Zechariah taught that His body would be pierced with a spear. Prophesied: ZEC 12:10 Fulfilled: JOH 19:34-37.

24. David prophesied that Jesus would commit His spirit to God. Prophesied: PSA 31:5 Fulfilled: LUK 23:46

25. David also prophesied our Lord’s last words on the cross.\ Prophesied: PSA 22: Fulfilled: JOH 19:30

26. As no bone of the Passover lamb was to be broken (Exo 12:46), not a bone of His would be broken. Prophesied: PSA 34: Fulfilled: JOH 19:32-36

27. His burial in the tomb of a rich man was foretold by Isaiah. Prophesied: ISA 53:8-9 Fulfilled: MAT 27:57-60

28. Nailing of Jesus’ hands and feet; Prophesied: ZEC 13:6 Fulfilled: JOH 20:27

29. Jesus would ride into Jerusalem on a colt (donkey); Prophesied: ZEC 9:9 Fulfilled: MAR 11:7-11

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