The TREE OF LIFE weekly teaching summary from the week ending December 14, 1997

Tree of Life 12/14/97

The Doctrine of Shame.

Tree of Life for 12-14-97 PHI 1:20 “On the basis of my intense concentration and confident expectation that I shall not be put to shame in anything, but with all confidence, Christ shall even now in this life, as always, be glorified in my body, whether by life or by death.”

This verse leads us to the study of the Doctrine of Shame. This doctrine has to do with a unique experience which will take place in the lives of the majority of believers at the Judgment Seat of Christ after the resurrection (Rapture) of the church. Therefore, let us note the shame of the loser believer.

Shame is described as a painful feeling originating from the consciousness of something dishonorable, wrong, sinful, or that which causes terrible regret. Spiritual freedom i.e., the principle of equal privilege and equal opportunity in time, means that most believers will experience embarrassment because of failure to fulfill God’s plan while on earth. Why will this rejection be so prevalent an issue at the judgment seat of Christ? Well, a few examples of the believer’s rejection to fulfill God’s plan in time would be:

* John 3:30, most believers do not decrease in self while increasing in Christ.
* Luke 14:26, most believers do not love less all else in life putting Jesus Christ (the word of God) first. Most believers refuse to go against the grain and therefore spend their entire lives wallowing in the ways of the world.
* John 12:43, loser believers love the approval of men rather than the approval of God.
* Acts 5:29, loser believers allow people to intimidate them rather than obey God. An example of this would be Gen 3:17 in which Adam, though he knew the right spiritual decision, allowed his wife to manipulate him into a spiritual decision which was contradictory to his convictions.

Shame then, is listening to human viewpoint rather than what divine viewpoint directs for life in time. Mark 7:7-8 calls it, “holding to the tradition of men.” Before we go on we must note the difference between guilt and shame. Guilt if used to lead one to conviction thereby offering a way of setting things right; an opportunity of correcting the wrong done. Whereas with shame at the Judgment Seat of Christ, there is no way to correct the wrong or make amends. At this point it will be too late. Only in time, in this life, can we alter our eternal destiny. The loser believer unfortunately spends his life functioning in the arrogant skills followed by the arrogance complex of sins such as bitterness, vindictiveness, jealousy, self-pity, gossip, maligning, slander, revenge motivation, and malice which is the lust to hurt someone. And though the loser believer looses privileges and rewards in the eternal state, he will never lose his salvation.

Loser believers are noted in the Bible as enemies of the cross in that they focus on the issue that the cross already dealt with… sin. They think there is something else they can do for God hence they concentrate on doing or being a certain way and point to sin as being a problem in the lives of others and sometimes a problem in their own lives. In such an attitude they become self righteous and judgmental and these mental attitude sins are repulsive to God! Again, loser believers are enemies of the cross and their eschatology is the sin unto death. Not because they had sin in their lives since all sin has been dealt with, but because they failed to execute the plan of God in time.

Christian losers are described under at least seven different categories in the New Testament: 1- One who has drifted off course from grace, GAL 5:4. In so doing they have come to know men according to their flesh which is a violation of 2CO 5:16.
2- One who comes short of the grace of God. HEB 12:15.
3- A “lukewarm believer”, REV 3:15-16.
4- A believer who is “shipwrecked”, 1TI 1:19.
5- The pyscho or “double-minded” believer, JAM 1:8.
6- One who fails to metabolize doctrine, JAM 1:22-24.
7- “The enemy of the cross”, PHI 3:18-19.

The loser believer lives out his life in a state of irrationality allowing his emotions to lead them astray. Irrational reaction simply means NOT fulfilling the plan of God. Psa 56:3-6 informs us that such a believer is laid vulnerable to his fears. And 1JO 4:16 explains that if fear is not dealt with it will torment the believer and prohibit him from going forward in the plan of God. There are five categories of emotional complex of sins which cause most problems and serve to cultivate the loser believer:

1. Hysteria which includes fear, worry, anxiety, panic, confusion, irrationality, dislocation, and garbage in the subconscious. In such a state the believer does not know how to handle what he goes through and so enters into some form of hysteria. This simply means that he eats the lies of the cosmic system.

2. Hatred includes anger, hatred, bitter jealousy, loathing, animosity, vulnerability to imagined insults or injury, implacability, malice, tantrums, irrationality, violence, and even murder.

3. Self-centered category includes skills related to the arrogant complex of sins such as self justification, self deception, and self absorption. This category also involves arrogant self righteousness, egotistical irrationality, hypersensitivity concerning self and insensitivity concerning others, projection, denial, self-pity, and whining.

4. Reaction category entails jealousy, bitterness, vindictiveness, hatred, vilification, vituperation (sins of the tongue), malice, revenge motivation and operation, inordinate ambition and inordinate competition.

5. Guilt – a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some real or imaged offense. This is a destructive force if it is lived in rather than allowed to convict.

So then, what is it that prevents the shame that produces a loser believer? The answer is… knowledge of God! 1CO 15:33-34 commands the believer to stop the sin of ignorance! It is ignorance in the believer’s life which leads to being deceived and causes shame at the Judgment Seat of Christ. And, what is it that will judge us when we stand before the Lord Jesus Christ? The word of God is that which judges us on that day, JOH 12:47-48. So, the more you have perceived, metabolized, and applied of the word of God in order to execute the plan of God for your life the more rewards and blessings you will receive in eternity, and in time. The loser believer’s glory may be fully accepted in this world but what was his glory in time will be his utter shame at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Therefore in 1CO 15:34Paul warns believers to come to their senses righteously, meaning to develop the capacity for divine blessings by the righteousness developed by executing the spiritual life. If we are going to be blessed with the greater blessings of God in our post salvation experience we must have a righteousness that comes from our spiritual life, not our flesh. This is known as productive righteousness and is accomplished under the filling of the Holy Spirit and by way of inculcated knowledged of God’s word utilized to execute God’s plan.

Apart from the execution of God’s plan in time there is shame at the Judgment Seat of Christ. There is no equality in heaven since in time we have equal privilege (E/P) and equal opportunity (E/O) in the spiritual realm. Volition not environment or circumstances is the issue in the spiritual life. And, it’s your attitude toward the word of God is that is the issue in your spiritual life. In PHI 1:20 Paul is telling the (few) loser believers in Philippi to grow up and stop entering into self justification and the remaining arrogant skills. Cross reference this passage with Rev 3:14-21 in which the lukewarm (cosmic) believer is warned of his unproductive status. And though the lukewarm believer may become rich in this world, the prosperity that the loser believer has in the cosmic system is going to be the means of setting him up for divine discipline. Many who are rich think that they have prosperity when in reality they have nothing at all in God’s plan. A person involved in the devil’s system of thinking erroneously thinks that he needs nothing and knows everything. They do not even know that they are wretched and miserable because they have no capacity to even enjoy what they have! We are informed that it is from the Lord we are to buy our valuables; our gold. If our treasures are purchased from this world they will only serve as a source of embarrassment when carried beyond this world. How do we buy gold from God? The purchasing of eternal treasures requires the use of the problem solving devices provided in God’s plan for your life.

The application of doctrine through the use of the ten problem solving devices during your Christian life on earth avoids shame at the Judgment Seat of Christ. And, for those new people as well as for the benefit of repetition let us note the 10 PSD:

1 – Rebound technique, 1JO 1:9.
2 – Filling of the Spirit, EPH 5:18
3 – Faith-rest drill
4 – Grace orientation
5 – Doctrinal orientation
6 – Personal sense of destiny
7 – Personal love for God the Father
8 – Impersonal love for all mankind
9 – Sharing the perfect happiness of God
10- Occupation with Christ as the priority solution to life.

Through utilization of the 10 PSD in time the winner believer has confidence at the Rapture based on his application to post-salvation experience. ROM 5:5 “And hope [this is H3, confident expectation at the Rapture] does not make us ashamed [at the Judgment Seat of Christ] because the love for God has been poured out in our hearts by means of the Holy Spirit, Who has ben given to us.” This blessed hope is the Rapture or the resurrection of the church and those believers who live spiritually in the righteousness of God look forward to this great event. In avoiding shame at the J.S. of Christ the winner believer will have his name announced before the Father and His angels as told in Rev 3:5. The name of the winner appears on the honors list and the winner believer is presented in the court of heaven while the Tribulation is taking place on earth. Only those on the honors list are taken to heaven and presented to God the Father. The honors list then, is made up of those believers who made Bible doctrine their highest priority in time on a daily basis.

Shame is incompatible with the pre-designed plan of God in time and indicates rejection in the execution of God’s plan. Shame is also incompatible with the resurrection body of the eternal state but at the Judgment Seat of Christ following the Rapture, there will be a temporary shame experienced by the majority of believers for failure to execute God’s plan on earth. The reality of this shame in the resurrection body becomes comprehensible when you realize, from the word of God, that every church age believer has exactly the same E/P and E/O to execute God’s plan for his life. There are absolutely no excuses! There are two volitional patterns available to every believer: positive volition and negative volition. At salvation each believer received the very perfect righteousness of God Himself which justified and qualified the believer for the opportunity to becomes heirs, Titus 3:7. In this passage becoming an heir is contingent upon becoming a winner believer who consistently uses the three spiritual skills, (1) Filling of the Spirit, (2) Consistent perception and metabolization of the word of God, and (3) execution of the plan of God. Hence 2TI 2:15 commands us to be diligent in order to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth. This combines the believer’s motivation with his spiritual values and priorities to learn and use the three spiritual skills.

Learning the mechanics of the pre-designed plan of God (PPOG) means to rightly divide the word of truth and execute God’s plan in this life, and this takes discipline and dedication. The believer must be self motivated to reach the high ground and be confident of his eternal rewards. Greater assets in the church age given by God demand a greater spiritual life from the believer. LUK 12:46 to whom much is given much is required. Your work in the spiritual life is your motivation, your concentration, and your understanding and application of the word of God. There is no substitute found in this world which can result in the execution of God’s plan for the Church. The pastor is responsible for accurately handling the word of God by studying and teaching consistently and dividing the word through the principle of dispensationalism. And, each individual believer is responsible for also accurately handling the word of God by listening and learning and applying on a consistent basis. One’s absorption in the word of God and the spiritual life removes absorption with self. We are given this life to focus our attention on the things of God and REV 3:11 warns us I am coming quickly; hold fast what you have [your spiritual life] in order that no one takes away your crown.” Your lack of shame and increase of rewards in eternity is made sure by your decisions for or against God’s plan in time. And, it’s reality is not based on guesswork, but on a sure and confident hope, knowing that you have executed God’s righteous plan for your life. Unfortunately the loser believer is so involved in the arrogant skills that he thinks more highly of himself than he ought to and believes he too is executing God’s will. What a surprise awaits him!

The spiritual life is a delicate balance and any rejection of it snowballs into a deception that is not even recognizable to the one who holds it. Hold fast that which you have and let no one take away your crown(s)!

**Note: These doctrines are zipped and needs a unzipping utility to view them.**

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