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Getting to Know Your Friend, God – Part 6


Eternity Past, Age of Gentiles, Age of Israel, Hypostatic Union, Church Age, Tribulation, Millennium, Eternal Future


Before you begin this Bible study, if you have never believed in Jesus Christ as your Savior, John

3:16 tells us: “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have eternal life.” Simply have faith that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins, and you will have eternal life and be saved. If you have believed in Jesus Christ as your Savior, then 1 John 1:9 tells us: “If you confess your sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Simply privately tell God the Father your sins to be filled with God the Holy Spirit and He will teach you Bible truth. (Rebound)

Promise Memory Verses

“As for God, his way is perfect: The Lord’s word is flawless;
    he shields all who take refuge in him.”  Psalm 18:30


When God created each one of us, He didn’t make a mistake and create junk. God made everyone to either be a boy or a girl.

He gave each one of us an invisible soul that is allowed to say yes or no to God. He never thinks to Himself…

Oops! I wish I could take back my decision and turn them into a turkey instead.”

God is perfectly righteous (+R). This means that He has never sinned. He doesn’t get crazy mad at you, and turn you into a toad. He doesn’t get hurt feelings when someone makes fun of Him. God is always completely happy. He always keeps His promises, and to this day,

        He puts rainbows (His bow) in the air as a reminder,

that the entire earth will never be destroyed by flooding again. A PROMISE FROM GOD!

One of the most amazing things is that God isn’t a bully! He has never forced anyone to worship Him or to accept His Son Jesus Christ as their Savior.

God the Father sent His Son, Jesus Christ as the perfect sacrifice to save every single one of us because we are all sinners. He is 100% God, and 100% man. When He was hanging on the cross dying for your sins, almost everyone was yelling, and screaming at Him! Instead of getting upset, He asked God the Father to forgive them.

Before God made you, He spent some time thinking of what your purpose would be. God knew that you wouldn’t be perfect, but He made you anyway. He has a very special plan for your life.

After you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, God wants you to tell Him if you do something wrong and learn His Word. Eventually you will get to know God, and start trusting Him to help you with everything. Once you do this, God will let you in on the most amazing things He has planned for you! It will be way better than anything you can imagine!

Some people decide not to follow God’s perfect plan for them. They end up miserable and do evil things.  Did God make them that way? No, God never makes mistakes, people do.

Below is an example of an angel who thought his own ideas were way

better than God’s. All He could do was think about getting as far away from God as possible. When you think your way is better than God’s, you will end up miserable just like the angel in the story below.

Ezekiel 28:11-19 & Isaiah 14:12-15

Time Period-Eternity Past & Eternal Future.

One day before God made people, He created a beautiful, smart cherub angel. We don’t know his real name, but we know some of his nicknames, which are:  Satan, Lucifer, the Father of All Lies, and the Devil. One day, Satan got tired of the guardian job that God had given him.

He thought that he should be the one sitting on God’s throne. In fact, he wanted to be the king of the universe so everyone would worship him instead of God. In order to make his dream come true, Satan lied and convinced 1/3 of the angels in Heaven into following him instead of God.

                 Of course, God who is perfect in every way,

knew all about Satan’s evil plans ahead of time, so this was no surprise to Him. God didn’t get freaked out, and His feeling didn’t get hurt. God didn’t feel sorry for Himself either.

Now Satan on the other hand was the complete opposite of God. Even though he was smart, he was pretty stupid to think that he could outsmart God. God sentenced Satan and all of the fallen angels to a miserable place called the “Lake or Fire.”

God gave Satan free will, and he will be sending his own self to the Lake of Fire, at the end of human history.

Boy, is he steaming mad!

   Pamela Huffman 2021

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