Pwee Tree. Our Lives Are God's, He Gives Us Time.

Foreknew: be aware of (an event) before it happens


Volition: an act of making a choice or decision


Rom 10:17


Hello kids! Today we are going to learn about how your life belongs to God and that He wants the best for you!
He gave you the body, the brain, the authority over you, the parents, the day you were born, the city you were born in, and the length of time on earth you will live before He will take each one of us home to be with Him in heaven.
Ask around, no one has the same answers to the above things. He gave you exactly what would be perfect for you alone.

He placed you exactly there because He foreknew the best conditions you would recognize your need for a Savior.
Ah, you say then it’s a set up. Wrong. He also gave you a volition. You can choose to live for Him or against Him.
The ones who choose to not accept Christ, will not live in eternity with Him. How sad.

They suffer here, without His help and then after their death will live in eternity without Him as well. God takes His time.
He doesn’t want anyone to perish. I myself had many friends who were saved and wanted me to know about our Savior.
Not until I looked for help, I had the desire to know more about why I was here on earth. Then the stories my friends were telling me started to click.

One day it clicked and here I am 25 years later telling you to not worry if your friends take their time. Keep telling them about Jesus Christ.
Keep telling them about the amazing 50 gifts they will get at salvation.
Gifts that will help them get through bad days and 50 things that will help them celebrate each day they are here on earth.

You need to learn about Christ and His 50 gifts to share them with others. Study daily His word. Put something besides your bed to read each morning.
There is a huge difference between thinking that we are the cause of changes in our spiritual life – and knowing that the cause of our changes are because we are in Christ.
God the Holy Spirit is the voice you hear when you are in Christ. Listen to Him. He is there in you helping you daily. Take the time that God gives you to know Him more.



Revelation 21:4 He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death;
there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.

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