Pwee Tree. Anchored in Truth

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Anchored: to cause to feel attached or secure; not moving


Commands: to direct with specific authority; to give
(someone) an order : to tell (someone) to do something in an official way

Bible verse

Rom 10:17

Hello kids! Today we are going to learn about being anchored in God’s truths.
His truths are in His word in the Bible! He makes it that easy to get to know Him.
When you are in your prep school class or at home with your parents, if you listen
carefully you can actually hear Him speaking to you.

There are places where He just tells a story to teach you.
There are other times when His apostles are telling you about Jesus Christ’s life.
But there are also times when He gives commands. Ouch!
I know that word doesn’t sound like fun does it?

So, when you trust God and His word it won’t be that hard after a while.
God wants you to hear Him! What you believe is anchored in what you know.
What you “choose” and what you “do” is anchored in what you believe!

You need to study, believe and live according to His word. How?
The Holy Spirit Whom you received at the moment you believed will be there to guide you.
You may be stubborn but God is patient with you and all of us. He wants “all” to come to know Him.

Being anchored means, His word never changes. God never changes. He is still with you.
Read His word, study it, and believe in it. You will begin to “see” Him in your life.
You will “see” what His will is in His words. You will start to choose to do His will as you start to see Him in the outcome.

That’s what Paul did. Through all of his trials he chose to remember that “My grace is sufficient for you.”
Sufficient means to be enough. Then Paul wrote all this down for you to see how His words work when you need them.
Be anchored in His word because they are TRUTH!

Coloring Corner


Isaish 40:8 The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever


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