Pwee Tree. Discernment. Part 3 – How Did We Get so Evil?





DO YOU BELIEVE that Jesus Christ died for all of your sins?

REBOUND: Name your sins to God the Father to get God’s power working in you.


Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Acts 16:31

     “Truly, truly I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3 

To be born spiritually, you just have to trust

In the Lord Jesus Christ! Then you are SAVED FOREVER!


Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil: the tree in the Garden of Eden bearing the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve disobediently ate


Evil: of a bad nature; not such as it out to be; wrong, wicked, troublesome, destructive

Hello Kids! Ask your parents to help you find and learn this Bible verse!


2Ki 17:39

Hello kids! Today we are going to continue to learn about how we became evil.
God originally designed you and me to live in the Garden of Eden. What happened?
That’s right Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They lost fellowship with God.

At that moment evil came into your life. So how did God fix this?
Where human life started with no evil in the garden, so it ends with Jesus Christ in heaven with no evil.
The Holy Spirit at the moment you believe is inside of you along with the Father and the Son.

When you study His word it becomes a part of you.
The more you study the more the Holy Spirit has to help you discern which will help you make better decisions.
Make it a routine to stop and ask the Holy Spirit to guide your decision. You, yes you, were created to worship God.

If you don’t you will worship something or someone else.
Do you think those big strong characters on TV have more power than God?
The world will deceive you. As soon as you start doubting God’s word you will become easily deceived.
Satan tries to throw suggestions your way. Suggestions have power, because you give them power.
Satan wants you to question God, not respect authority, contradict God’s word, and attack God’s character.
Let’s believe and use the word of God!



Coloring Corner

Psalm 119:125 “I am your servant; give me discernment that I may understand your



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