Pwee Tree. Give Thanks.


Prayer: a request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God;
talking one on one to God our Father


Behaves: act or conduct oneself in a specified way, especially toward others


1Th 5:18

Hello kids! Today we are going to learn about being grateful to God and using His amazing gifts!
God has given you everything you need to know Him and live and grow in His grace. What? Everything?
Yes! But you say sometimes I get hurt, people suffer, they are mean, or live on the streets. That’s correct.

You have choices to make in God’s plan but He knows your choices ahead of time, actually in eternity past.
He actually provides what you will need. We all have different needs and they are different than your wants.
You may want a super duper video game but do you really need it? Probably not.

God gave you parents or maybe even just one parent because He knew it would be best for you.
He could have placed you in a poor or rich home, again it depended on which gave you most.
I’m not talking most money or things but most love, peace, and full life. God is amazing, His plan is amazing too.

Back to the thanks part now. It is easy to be thankful when everything is going well. Right? Of course it is.
It’s not as easy when things are tougher though. It takes your faith in Him.
What you have to do is remember how He came through during your good times. You prayed and your prayer was answered.

Well, God the Father, answers your prayers during hard times as well.
It may not be as quick as you want but remember He knows how the whole story ends.
His gifts are timed perfectly, always! So when those hard times come be patient. Watch as God solves your problems.

If it were sunny every day, here in New England that never happens, (so pretend), you would be not so impressed with it.
But now knowing that you do live in NE, when you see the sun after so many gloomy days how wonderful do you feel?
God is this way with His blessings to help you grow into someone who looks and behaves like God.

Those difficult days will pass, you will get through them. On the other side, you will see those good times.
Just choose to follow His plan and not yours. You will see you will find things to thank Him for everyday!
How about those parents of yours for a start!




Colossians 3:17 Whatever you do in word or deed do all in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks through Him to God the Father

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