Pwee Tree. Discernment. Part 1.

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Before you begin


Discernment: the ability and practice of examining or looking at something carefully



Influenced: a person or thing that affects someone in an important way

Bible verse

Psa 119:125

Hello kids! Today we are going to learn about discernment. Before you buy a bicycle you should study all the different kinds.
Before you make choices in life you must have to have knowledge about the choices.
As a believer, you get your discernment from inside the word of God! The Holy Spirit gives you the power to understand what God wanted you to know.

The more that His word becomes a part of you the better you are able to make choices. Is it from the world or God's viewpoint?
When you are faced with a choice, for example, to stay in bed or go to church on Sunday morning, what is your decision and why?
Right! God's way is to go so you can learn more about Him!!

The more you know about Jesus Christ and His word the more knowledge you will have to make better decisions!
The secret then is to study daily. If you study His word daily, Jesus is always fresh in your mind.
You will be influenced by Who He is.
You will still do wrong things, but just turn around and make your next choice using Jesus' thoughts!

Coloring Corner


"But examine everything carefully;

hold fast to that which is good;

abstain from every form of evil."

(1Th 5:21-22)

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