Pwee Tree. Satan's Downfall. Pride


Originates: have a specified beginning


Desire: a strong feeling of wanting to have
something or wishing for something to happen


Jam 1:14

Hello kids! Today we are going to learn about the pride of Satan.
God created Satan as the most perfect, wise and beautiful angel.
His purpose was to guard the throne room. Wow! He was to honor, glorify, and serve God.

God created Satan perfect and beautiful. Sin originates in desire—one’s own desire.
Pride is thinking more highly of yourself than you should. They took over him.
Satan had pride in in his own beauty and what he could. He had free will like you and me.

He chose to take his eyes off Christ and put them on himself. He wanted to do his own thing.
He didn’t want to serve he wanted to be served. He chose to be against God.
How could you be in heaven and still want more? Pride! This was Satan’s first sin. It was a sin of thought.

Controlling our thoughts is a lesson we should all learn. Why? Nobody sees or hears our thoughts right? Wrong.
God does. Look how seriously God looked at his sin of pride. He thought he was better.
He thought he should have more. He thought he was the most beautiful. Never once does it say he spoke it.

He lost it all! He lost his privilege of guarding the throne – the highest position an angel could have.
But worst of all he lost his eternal life with God. You have a very similar choice.
Now your choice is to follow God or to follow Satan. Your first choice has to be believing in His Son, Jesus Christ, to be saved.

Without the protection from God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit your life will be very difficult.
Without salvation you are constantly trying to do good to make it to heaven. You can’t do it.
So once you believe the choices don’t end. Now you have the same choice as Satan. Do you follow God’s will or Satan’s?

What do you mean? I’m not Satan. No you are not. But once you start thinking of yourself first, who do you look like?
Remember how this lesson started. Sin starts out as a desire. You want to do things your way. God’s way seems wimpy.
You may want to cheat on a test because you THINK it’s too hard to study. A kid in your class has a strange personality.

You THINK it’s easier to make fun of him than to love him just the way he is. This is pride in yourself!
Don’t forget though, you are saved forever because Christ died for your sins so that you can spend eternity with Him.
Satan started out in eternity and he had to choose for God. It’s easier for us. Love Jesus Christ for all He has done for you.
Pride? Forget about it!

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